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Prince Charles Edward Stewarts Room

The Bed in Prince Charles Edward Stewarts Room   The Window in Prince Charles Edward Stewarts Room

After withdrawing from the siege of Stirling Castle to Crieff the Jacobite army split into two groups. The first group of mainly Lowlanders, regular troops and cavalry commanded by Lord George Murray went to Inverness by way of Perth and the coastal road. The second group of (mainly) highlanders, was commanded by the Prince and proceeded out of Crieff through the Sma’ Glen, through Glen Cochill and crossed the Tay at Aberfeldy using Wade’s bridge that still stands there today.

Although officially neutral the then Chief offered the hospitality of his house. Many of his kin (Menzies of Pitfodel, Menzies of Shian) made up some of the Prince’s army and his wife Mary was a relative of the Prince’s. The Prince stayed two nights before moving on to Blair Athol. This is documented in several places by contemporary sources. The Prince then continued his journey over the mountains to Inverness to rendezvous with Murray.

The room is a furnished in a similar style to what the Prince would have stayed in during his visit. The bed is a reproduction, with the soft furnishings (bed cover, pelmets, curtains etc.) made by Anne Menzies Clow.

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